Flashlight Multi Device Fun

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Geliştirici: Servin Corporation
1.99 USD

Servin Flashlight Multi Device Fun uses the new iPhone OS 3.0 Peer-To-Peer Networking feature to wireless connect two iPhones or iPod Touches together over a local network (local or Bluetooth), giving you full control of both devices!

While you can still use the device as a single flashlight, it is lots more fun to control an additional flashlight using wireless access!

Change settings (full screen mode, colors, and flash modes) on one device and they instantly appear on the remote device, too!

Amaze your friends at school, work, concerts, parties, business meetings --- anywhere you want to show how you can remotely control one flashlight device from another!


- Uses iPhone OS 3.0 Peer-to-Peer Networking To Connect Devices using local network or Bluetooth.

- Making changes on local device results in identical changes on remote device!

- Use as single flashlight device or with remote device.

- Choice of Flashlight Colors: White, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.

- Choice of Flash Modes: None, Manual Touch, 1.0 Second, 0.5 Seconds, 0.3 Seconds, 0.2 Seconds, and 0.1 Seconds

- Full Screen Mode

- Touch to Flash Mode

- Idle Timer Disable Mode

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